2. Transfer of data to third parties

2. Transfer of data to third parties

We at Exasol make cover of the individual facts most seriously. On this subject site, private data is best accumulated into the technically necessary scope. The information will neither sold nor transferred to third parties away from Exasol people (including Exasol AG, Exasol Vertriebsholding GmbH, Exasol Europa Vertriebs GmbH, Exasol Cloud processing GmbH, Exasol Big Data technology GmbH, Exasol British restricted, Exasol France SAS, Exasol INC (American)) if this privacy policy does not express or else.

1. Collection and handling of information

  • Internet browser means and variation
  • Operating system active
  • Referrer URL (the earlier visited webpage)
  • Hostname and internet protocol address for chatroulette the accessing computers
  • Period of the host inquiry

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