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phrasal verb

in addition hook somebody or something up, attach anyone or something like that back link anyone or something to an object, specifically electronic gear Ciddi ilişkiler için ücretsiz eşcinsel buluşma siteleri.

  • ‘he had been connected to an electrocardiograph’
  • ‘There can also be a links webpage, which hooks your to a number of uncommon publication web sites along with other creator internet.’
  • ‘This is the procedure in which your computer or server attempts to making a system hookup via internet method, a common means of hooking this devices upwards.’
  • ‘She warned us in a well rehearsed sinister tone we should not be alarmed by medical gear Fay was installed to.’
  • ‘The best time the twins just weren’t connected to life-saving devices was actually within shipment space and intense treatment.’
  • ‘The cattle will be installed on the milking maker and I also could be straddled atop.’
  • ‘For four-hours per day, 3 days each week, he could be installed to a dialysis maker, which does the job of their own kidneys and keeps him alive.’
  • ‘On xmas Eve, years ago, she was installed to several machines in healthcare facility after drinking to excess.’
  • ‘Her vital body organs work fine, which means that she is maybe not installed to a device.’
  • ‘They addicted your as much as machines and pumped your saturated in drugs.’
  • ‘The nurse explained to me personally they catch you as much as a machine that takes the bloodstream, centrifuges it, eliminates the platelets & most for the plasma and gives you straight back the rest.’
  • ‘One guaranteeing technique for unlocking the feelings of paralyzed people would be to catch all of them around electroencephalograms.’
  • ‘Once you connect it to another machine, it’ll often overwrite the songs or (if you decide) do nothing.’
  • ‘bit performed the 17-year-old understand that two days later, however end up being connected to machines, not in a position to cry for assistance.’
  • ‘I examined the machines he had been installed to, making certain their oxygen saturation level and cardio and respiration prices had been what the nurses envisioned them to feel.’
  • ‘Every night he had been installed to a device at his family home in Offerton, Stockport, for 12 many hours to cleanse his bloodstream.’
  • ‘It can hook up to the Net via a typical landline, and/or equipment is generally connected to a phone to get in touch wirelessly.’
  • ‘The animals are connected to milking gadgets with timers in it.’
  • ‘Brazelton addicted newborn children to electroencephalographs immediately after which revealed these to a flickering source of light much like a television however with no graphics.’
  • ‘Do perhaps not connect your device up to the Internet, electricity it up and tend to forget about any of it.’
  • ‘What a coupler really does is allow you to keep pins in most your parts and connect an accessory around the hydraulics.’

2 relaxed (of two people) meet or shape a connection. Continue reading